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Basic measures for fire prevention

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  Control fuel. Replacing flammable or combustible materials with non-combustible or non-combustible materials; Reduce the concentration of combustible gases, vapors and dust by local or total ventilation; Keep separate storage for things that can react with each other.

  Contact the combustion AIDS. This means that combustible gases, liquids and solids do not come into contact with air, oxygen or other oxidizing agents. Even if there is fire, combustion will not occur because there is no combustion agent involved.

  To eliminate the source of fire. Strict control of open flame, electric fire and prevent static electricity, lightning fire.

  Prevent fire from spreading. It is to prevent the fire, such as fire or Mars, from entering equipment, pipes or Spaces that are at risk of combustion or explosion, or to prevent the flame from spreading in the equipment and pipes, or to restrict the combustion to a certain extent without burning outward.

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