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How to prevent liquid gas from becoming a "kitchen bomb"

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Liquefied petroleum gas, I believe you will not be unfamiliar, like cooking friends will always deal with it, but when using liquefied petroleum gas cooking delicious food, liquefied gas in bring us convenient, at the same time there are dangerous, once the improper operation, is likely to cause fire or explosion, and the accidents are due to carelessness when we use liquefied petroleum gas, under the fire in chongqing and chongqing take a look at how to prevent it.

I. usage of liquefied gas

1. Check regularly. Check whether the gas cylinder, rubber tube and cooking stove are leaking. When checking, can use soapy water besmear the place that produces leakage possibly, be like the joint of rubber tube, cylinder, the switch of kitchen, if have leakage point, this place can blow bubble.

2. Keep a guard when using gas. Do not fire or leave people.

3. When using liquefied gas, keep the doors and Windows of the kitchen open for ventilation to ensure indoor air circulation.

4. With long-term use of liquefied gas, the oil stains and stains left on the stovetop can catch fire easily. Users should clean them frequently after use.

5. If users go out for a long time or stop using liquefied gas, they should close the cylinder valve and develop the good habit of "extinguishing the fire".

6. LPG cylinders shall be protected from high temperature and shall not be exposed to the sun. Avoid combustible material close to the hearth, the user is the easiest to ignore is in the lampblack machine of a layer of plastic film.

2. What should I do in case of a liquefied gas leak

1. When smelling peculiar smell, the valve should be closed in time and doors and Windows should be opened for ventilation.

2. Do not see the open fire when the liquefied gas is leaking, and do not touch any electrical switches, including lights, exhaust fans, etc. Do not turn off any electrical appliances if they are on.

3. If the fire is already on fire and the fire is relatively small, shut off the valve as soon as possible, use dry powder extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire, or cover the small fire with a wet towel and extinguish the fire. Do not directly splash water. If the fire is large, leave immediately to the outdoor safety area and call 119 to alarm.

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