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Winter fire warning thirty! Please keep in mind

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Management articles

1. State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions shall strictly implement the main responsibility of fire control safety, strengthen the inspection on duty during festivals, and prohibit illegal use of fire, oil, electricity and gas.

2. When holding large mass activities such as gatherings and parks, all units shall take reliable fire control safety precautions, equip fire control facilities and equipment as required, and organize special personnel to conduct inspections. Unauthorized use of fire, electricity and gas is strictly prohibited.

3. Illegal construction is strictly prohibited during the business period of the shopping mall, market and public entertainment center. At the end of the business period, the power supply and air supply shall be shut down as required.

4. Special personnel on duty shall be arranged to patrol construction sites to remove combustible materials around construction sites and accommodation places of construction personnel. Unauthorized use of fire, electricity and gas shall be strictly prohibited to ensure the integrity and convenience of fire control facilities.

5. Units in inflammable and explosive places and cultural relics and ancient buildings shall strengthen fire control inspection, equip fire control equipment as required, implement various fire prevention measures, and prohibit illegal use of open fire operations.

6, residential property to strengthen fire management, standardize the parking of electric bicycles, daily fire inspection, inspection, timely elimination of fire hazards, residential micro fire station to 24 hours someone on duty, once found fire, within 3 minutes to disposal.

7. Hotel and restaurant fire control personnel on duty and operation personnel of fire control room should be on duty to strengthen patrol and eliminate fire hazards in time.

9. Dry in winter, the combustible sundries in the factory should be cleaned in time, and inflammable goods should be stored according to the standard classification in production and processing.

8, to timely maintenance of indoor and outdoor fire hydrants, to ensure that the fire can be used normally. It is strictly prohibited to bury, occupy, damage, misappropriate, shelter fire facilities and equipment.

10, in case of major festivals, to stay on duty, strengthen fire inspection work, once a fire should be timely disposal.

Fire protection article

1, not in the balcony, corridor accumulation of combustibles, go out to close the power supply, gas source, education children do not play with fire.

2, power socket avoid overload use, all kinds of electrical appliances when not in use, must remember to pull the plug or cut off the power supply.

3, the use of electric heating and other equipment in winter, to pay attention to the surrounding to have enough space, put it away from the quilt, curtains and other flammable places. Remember that! Do not use heating to dry clothes! It is strictly prohibited to cover wet clothes on electric heating equipment such as electric heaters!

4, the use of liquefied petroleum gas, gas, natural gas and other cooking water, someone to watch, not far from the kitchen. The connection of gas valve, joint and pipe should be firm, loose and aging should be repaired and replaced in time. You can't use open fire, you can use soap.

5. The e-bike shall not be parked in the stairwell, evacuation passage and safety exit, shall not occupy the fire fighting passage, and shall not be connected to the power line for charging privately.

6. It is strictly prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods such as gasoline, diesel oil, alcohol, paint and combustible gas on vehicles and vessels.

7. For driving, check the vehicle circuit and oil circuit in advance to see whether the on-board fire extinguisher is expired or invalid; Take the bus, subway and other public transport vehicles encountered fire, decisive use of safety hammer broken Windows, orderly escape.

8. In rural areas, combustible sundries in front and behind houses should be cleaned comprehensively. It is forbidden to pile up wheat straw in villages or residential areas, and it is forbidden to burn wheat straw in the wild.

9. In rural areas, firewood piles should not be placed indoors. The area of firewood piles in the open air should not be too large.

10, in rural areas when cooking firewood hearth before do not leave people; The straw ash that has been burnt up inside hearth, firewood ash does not want random pour, prevent "dead ash reignite"; The chimney that USES firewood straw kitchen must tower above housetop, and due height of 1 meter above; In villages with dense houses, fireproof cap or baffle should be added on the chimney; The accumulation of dust in the chimney should be removed frequently; Do not stack combustible materials near the chimney.

Escape article

1. When entering the gathering places such as shopping malls, markets, airports, stations, docks, hotels, restaurants, halls, cinemas and theaters, song and dance halls, one should pay attention to observe and get familiar with the emergency evacuation routes, safety exits, location of fire-fighting equipment and the surrounding environment.

2. In case of fire, please dial 119 to report to the police in time. When you call the fire alarm, give the exact address of the fire. State what is on fire and what is happening.

3, in case of fire to quickly and correctly escape, do not lust for property, do not take the elevator.

4, disaster to, thousands of fire can not blindly jump to escape, can use the stairs, balcony, downspout, such as escape. Can also be used around the rope, sheets, curtains, clothes homemade simple life rope, and wet tightly tied to the window frame, heating pipe, iron railings and other fixtures, with towels, cloth and other protective palm, down the rope, or down to the floor without fire out of danger.

5, in the smoke filled fire escape, to cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel or clothes, bending low posture forward, do not big breath, do not shout loudly, as far as possible to reduce the inhalation of toxic gas.

6. In case of fire, evacuate from the safe evacuation channel.

7, if touch a door with the hand to already feel hot, once open a door right now, blaze and thick smoke are bound to blow on the face and come, at this time can adopt the method that defends to wait for aid fixedly. First of all, close the door and window to meet the fire, use a wet towel or a wet cloth plug to block the door, and cover the door and window with a wet quilt and then constantly drench the room with water, to prevent the smoke from seeping in, keep inside the room, waiting for the rescue personnel to arrive.

8. When the corridor and stairs are blocked by fireworks, the trapped personnel should try to get close to the window or balcony along the street and other parts that are easy to be found, and send out a distress signal by calling for help, waving clothes and irradiating outwards with flashlights.

9, if the fire has reached the body, can roll on the spot or with heavy clothing coverage, pressure fire seedlings, quickly escape.

10, when the public gathering places encounter fire, should be calm, calm, quickly evacuate the fire scene, do not blindly follow the wind, crowded each other, so as to avoid crush accident.

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