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In case of fire, is it better to fight or call the police first?

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Some people think there is a charge for calling the police or using a fire engine. Fire alarm: please feel free to dial "119" for fire alarm in case of fire.

Fire some people take their own first fighting, really no way to put out the fire before the fire alarm. Fire warning: once found fire, to take the "side alarm, side fighting" principle, so as not to delay the fire rescue * timing.

Some people think that the use of dry powder fire extinguishers before the shaking up and down, or the fire extinguisher will explode. Fire alarm: the normal dry powder fire extinguisher can be shaken before use, so as to make the dry powder in the tube loose and easy to spray out. An expired fire extinguisher can be thinned by corrosion and exposed to the sun. A slight bump can trigger an explosion.

Some people think you can use a fire extinguisher by pointing it towards the outside or middle of the fire. Fire alarm: please aim the fire extinguisher at the root of the flame to extinguish the fire successfully, or it will only waste the rescue time and fire extinguisher.

It is quicker to escape by elevator in case of fire. Fire warning: in case of fire, power will be cut off. For example, people in the elevator will be trapped. Please evacuate by stairs.

You must run to the roof in case of fire. Fire alarm: if the floor is high and the fire is large, it is not recommended to run to the top of the building, because the lift height of the fire truck is limited, and the rescue is limited under the premise of rapid fire.

Oil pan fires can be put out with water. Fire warning: in case of oil pot on fire, can not use water to fight, please close the air source, cover the lid, when the oil in the pot isolated air, the fire can be extinguished.

Normally closed fire doors may be opened occasionally. Fire alarm: normally closed fire doors can close themselves in case of fire.

Clothing on fire can be run quickly to extinguish the fire. Fire warning: people run faster clothes burning fire more prosperous, you can choose to roll on the way to extinguish the fire.

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